A Few Thoughts on Thanksgiving

“Monday Musings” for Monday November 19, 2012

Volume II, no. 38/90

A Few Thoughts on Thanksgiving

By Assad Meymandi, MD, PhD, DLFAPA*


On this Thanksgiving day, it is appropriate to remember what the sages of the centuries, Saint Paul, Saint Augustine of Hippo, Moses Maimonides of Cordoba, Ibn Khaldoun, and Mowlana Mohammad Balkhi Rumi have taught us: 

 To be constantly aware of all the good things that are inside of us, among them, love, compassion, altruism, empathy, and access to the rich reservoir of feelings.  

And  to be aware of all the good things that are outside of us, family, connectedness, friendship, music, nature, flowers, dance, running brooks, poetry, and our beloved Republic, The United states of America, where the rule of law is supreme.  In America, we are governed by ourselves and not by the whims of potentates, Shahs and Ayatollahs .  

 And to be thankful by giving something back and making a difference in the lives of others.

 The issue of awareness become very important.  It takes discipline to be aware. The heightened form of awareness in Sufi is called “Zekr,” constant awareness of all the good things inside and outside of us.  Mowlana Rumi said, “Blessed are those who live in a perpetual state of heightened awareness and meditation, Zekr, for they are in constant prayer…, and closest to God…” Happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving Day to all.

*The writer is a Distinguished Life Fellow American Psychiatric Association, Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry, University of North Carolina School of Medicine at Chapel Hill.  He is the Founding Editor and  Editor in chief, Wake County Physician Magazine (1995-2012).




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